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Aluminium Honeycomb Expander Machine Aluminium Honeycomb Expander Machin[ January 4, 2011 ] Product information:  Aluminium Honeycomb Expander Machine index Design expediting: suzhou hon praise honeycomb material Co., LTD Equipment models: BHM502580A applicable materials: aluminium honeycomb Ope SuZhou Beecore Honeycomb Mater  
Peoples Republic of China
Technical Specification of Type-LHD450/13 Slip Straight Line Type Aluminum Alloy Rod Breakdown Machi Technical Specification of Type-LHD[ July 19, 2010 ] Product information:  Aluminum Alloy (Aluminum) Rod Breakdown Machine Type LHD-450/13 This machine is designed through absorbing the technology of the high-speed aluminum alloy rod breakdown machine of Nihoff comp Deyang Dedong Electrotechnical  
Peoples Republic of China

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