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steel rolling mill

steel rolling mill
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Product Name:steel rolling mill
Place of Origin:Peoples Republic of China
Post Date:May 6, 2010
Edit Date:July 8, 2010
Company Name :
An Shan Ying Yat Trade Co., Ltd.
Add:Renmin road. #116 Tiexi Dist. AnShan City Liaoning Prov. China
Detailed Product Description:

The steel rolling mill train which can be manufactured by us are described as following: 800 steel rolling mill train, 650 steel rolling mill train, 550 steel rolling mill train, 500 steel rolling mill train, 450 steel rolling mill train, 350 steel rolling mill train, 300 steel rolling mill train, 280 steel rolling mill train and 250 steel rolling mill train.
    According to users' requirements, we can manufacture the full continuous rolling production line, semi-continuous rolling production line and open-train (Belgian) mill train production line with yearly capacity 10,000MT-500,000MT for the users. We can also manufacture various full automatization and semi automatization production line.
    Our main products are: angle rolling mill production line, deformed steel bar rolling mill production line, round bar rolling mill production line, channel rolling mill production line, I-beam rolling mill production line, strip rolling mill production line, 5.5-6.5 wire rolling mill production line, I-beam rolling mill production line for mine and so on. Various medium-frequency furnace, electrical furnace, electric arc furnace, and continuous caster are also in our supply scope. Meantime, our factory also can process and manufacture reducer, coupler, universal joint, cooling bed, flying shear, pusher, lifting platform, furnace delivery table etc. auxiliary equipments which are relative to production line.


AnShan Ying Yat Trade Co., Ltd.
AnShan HongMing Metallurgical Machinery Co., Ltd.
Add. Renmin road. #116 Tiexi Dist. AnShan City Liaoning Prov. China
Tel:0086-412-8554528  8554538  8510377  8515277  8512833  8512400 
Fax:0086-412-8562503  8562501
E-mail: asyingyi11@163.com  asyingyi11@126.com

MSN: asyingyi11@hotmail.com


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