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Shanghai GANGWANG Co., Ltd was established in 1995,It is a professional manufacturer to varieties of aluminum, hardware and plastic products, providing its all-around service with the aluminum ingot casting, the molding extrusion, the machining as well as the product's surface treatment and assembly:

  1. aluminumproducts,aluminum radiator,aluminum Enclosures, aluminum Nameplate
  2. aluminum Machining, CNC machining,pressing,curve,mould machining
  3. aluminum oxidation,aluminum anode axidation
  4. aluminum Profile,aluminum industry profile,build aluminum profile.
  5. flange

Company Profile

Company name: aluminum oxidation,aluminum anode axidation
Date of establishment:
General manager:
Business type (manufacturer): Manufacturer
Main products: aluminum-plastic tape + aluminum gasket + aluminum alloy plate + curtain wall aluminum + aluminum honeycomb panel + aluminum ceiling
Capital assets: 500 RMB
Company address:
Company website: