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Address:5A Changdong Rd. Rongli Ronggui, Shunde,Foshan
Tel:0086 757 23616118
Mobile:0086 (0) 13
Contact Person:Mr Jonathan Ning

About Us

UAL Guangdong (United AluminumGuangdong Co., Ltd)established in year 2000 is a premium coil coating company that focus on customer satisfaction, flexibility and variety. Coil coating is our core business, which enables us become a specialist in the industry.

In the past years of business, we have developed a reputation of quality products, innovation abilities, professional and friendly service. Our products reach many areas including Europe, East Europe, Middle East, South America etc.

Thanks to our top-quality painting applications, we have become one of China’s most important suppliers of coil coated aluminum strips for the production of rolling shutter slats.

Company Profile

Company name: United Aluminum Guangdong Co.,Ltd
Date of establishment: 2000
General manager:
Business type (manufacturer): Manufacturer
Main products: aluminum coil
Capital assets:
Company address: 5A Changdong Rd. Rongli Ronggui, Shunde,Foshan
Company website: