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Address:No.10, Shangwu Inner Ring Road, Zhengdong New
Contact Person:Ms ellen bai

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Aiming at the domestic and international market, our company introduces the advanced international aluminum processing technology and strengthens the technological transformation and product development to continuously improve our core competitiveness. At present, our company has fine processing products which are made of 8 series (1xxx, 2xxx, 3xxx, 4xxx, 5xxx, 6xxx, 7xxx, 8xxx )alloy respectively, such aluminum alloy products are plate, strip, foil, tube, rod, die forgings, open die forgings, industrial profiles, architectural profiles and aluminum die-castings, bottle caps, decorative and other deep-processed products. Meanwhile, our company has oriented our target market scientifically, and continuously expands aluminum applications area.  At present, a series of pillar products, such as transportation, packaging, printing, household electrical appliances, architectural decoration aluminum have been formed.

Company Profile

Company name: Henan Jiayuan Aluminum Industry Co.,Ltd.
Date of establishment: 2009
General manager: kevin
Business type (manufacturer): Manufacturer + Trading Company
Main products: aluminum plate + aluminum coil + embossed aluminum plate + ps printing plate + aluminum alloy plate + curtain wall aluminum + aluminum ceiling + aluminum foil + Pharmacy Foil + medium gauge foil + light gauge foil + air-conditioner foil + food foil + electronic foil + aluminum profile + curtain wall profile + windows & doors profile + radiator profile + constructional profiles
Capital assets: 1,000,000 RMB
Company address: No.10, Shangwu Inner Ring Road, Zhengdong New
Company website: http://www.jyalco.com