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2A14 aluminum sheet

2A14 aluminum sheet
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Product Name:2A14 aluminum sheet
Place of Origin:Peoples Republic of China
Post Date:September 12, 2018
Edit Date:September 12, 2018
Company Name :
Haomei Aluminum Co., Ltd.
Add:1103, No.14 Waihuan Road, CBD,Zhengzhou, China
Detailed Product Description:

2A14 aluminum plate sheet belongs to aluminum alloy, so the high strength, good heat resistance, good machinability, resistivity, spot and seam welding performance is good, can be strengthened by heat treatment, extrusion effect; therefore, the longitudinal and transverse performance differences. 2A14 aluminum plate tensile strength can reach 420MPa, elongation of 10% or more, can be used in aerospace, large frame, bridges, large shell, truck components, etc.

1, 2A14 aluminum plate sheet has ultra high strength aluminum alloy, high hardness, corrosion resistance, heat treatment effect is particularly good;

2, 2A14 aluminum plate sheet has good machinability, good performance, resistance spot and seam welding;

3, 2A14 aluminum plate sheet the tensile strength can reach 420MPa, elongation of more than 10%;


4, the company 1+1 hot rolling production line completed and put into production, advanced technical equipment, mature technology, for military, aviation, lightweight car compartment and other fields to provide high-precision aluminum strip;

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