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movable refining car

movable refining car
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Product Name:movable refining car
Place of Origin:Peoples Republic of China
Post Date:October 11, 2017
Edit Date:August 13, 2018
Company Name :
Qingdao Fralco Aluminum Equipment Co., Ltd.
Add:Room 1407, Kangda Phoenix Plaza, No.161 of Changjiang West Road, Development Zone of Qingdao, China
Detailed Product Description:


The FRI-320 is a movable, rotary injector system designed to treat molten aluminum in furnaces. The FRI-320 can be equipped to perform bi-gas metal treatment or solid refining agentinjection. The spinning rotor head can be moved or tilted allowing for angledoperation in tight fit conditions. This mobile system can be easily relocatedfrom one furnace to another furnace. The submerged propeller design promotesuniform mixing and circulation of the melt. Spinning rotor degassingefficiently removes unwanted hydrogen from the melt. The FRI-320 with solid refining agent injection allows asteady flow of refining agent below the metal line which enhances alkali metaland inclusion removal. The combined effect helps improve the quality ofaluminum alloys and reduces operating costs. 
Efficient alternative to manual wand fluxing and porous plugs 
Improved hydrogen, inclusion and alkali removal 
Submerged propeller maximizes mixing of molten metal 
Uniform temperature throughout bath 
Uses gas or solid refining agents more efficiently 
Less dross formation 
Reduced annual operating costs 
Melting furnaces
Holding furnaces 
Metal treatment with gas or solid refining agent injection 

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