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Corrugated or Flat Glass Used Chicken Wire Mesh

Corrugated or Flat Glass Used Chicken Wire Mesh
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Product Name:Corrugated or Flat Glass Used Chicken Wire Mesh
Place of Origin:Peoples Republic of China
Post Date:July 13, 2017
Edit Date:July 13, 2017
Company Name :
Anping Poulen Wire Mesh Manufacture Co., Limited
Add:East industrial Zone, Anping, Hebei, China.
Detailed Product Description:

Metal Wire Glass Needed Chicken Wire Mesh

Chicken wire glass has not only decorative function, but also attack and injury evade function. As a fashionable modern construction material, chicken wire glass is preferred by most of users in there interior or exterior house.

Rolls of decorative chicken wire mesh are provided for its decorative function. Also, the company continually produces new and innovate quality chicken wire mesh that could be extensively applied.

Chicken wire specification:

CWG-01: Chicken wire mesh is embedded into glass window, which makes it not only amazing, but also attack resistance. We supply chicken wire mesh only, not the glass or window.
CWG-02: Chicken wire mesh is embedded into glass, which will bring subtle beauty of a soft sunbeam.
CWG-03: Chicken wire embedded corrugated glass is anti-attack.
CWG-04: Chicken wire embedded corrugated glass is fire resistance.


Manufacture of Chicken Wire Glass:

Compressing the semi-molten glass with chicken wire mesh through metal rollers, thus chicken wire mesh is created, it is kind of compressed sandwich. Or using adhesive material sticks the glass panels with chicken wire mesh. Chicken wire glass used chicken wire mesh is provided.

Note: we only supply chicken wire mesh, rather than chicken wire glass.

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