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Chicken Wire for Crafts to Surprise You

Chicken Wire for Crafts to Surprise You
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Product Name:Chicken Wire for Crafts to Surprise You
Place of Origin:Peoples Republic of China
Post Date:July 13, 2017
Edit Date:July 13, 2017
Company Name :
Anping Poulen Wire Mesh Manufacture Co., Limited
Add:East industrial Zone, Anping, Hebei, China.
Detailed Product Description:

Chicken Wire Mesh Made Indoor or Outdoor Crafts

Chicken wire mesh is no longer just fence to protect our egg-laying friends from foxes anymore, it is showing up outside and inside as the most stylish decorative material at home and commercial spaces. These small and light gauge wire mesh allows it to be bent, fold, creased and cut. Flexible structure and various spray colors make chicken wire a perfect product for crafts. Amazing ideas, take the form of chicken wire mesh, make the small wire mesh crafts existed everywhere inside house or outside.

Chicken wire mesh, for most occasions, is used to make a floral-decoration to be fixed vertically of horizontally. Or perhaps, it could be manufactured into a craft by itself.

Chicken wire specification:

Surface Finish:

CWFC-01: Firstly, restricted by chicken wire mesh, a pot of moss is shaped into a rabbit.
CWFC-02: Secondly, plants could be added into the rabbit moss.
CWFC-03: Restricted by chicken wire mesh made restriction, you can get any plants of any shape.
CWFC-04: Four pots of differently wire mesh shaped plants.
CWFC-05: Firstly, using chicken wire mesh to make a frame for floral decoration.
CWFC-06: Next, mix moss, seed and soil together, then add flowers into it.
CWFC-07: Chicken wire for crafts – A white and A black chicken.
CWFC-08: A chicken wire mesh made heart shaped decoration makes you feel warm and cozy, filled with decorative peddles.
CWFC-09: Chicken wire craft – black teapot.
CWFC-10: Delicate chicken wire crafts could be manufactured by combining chicken wire mesh with jewels, or with flowers, peddles, or made one by itself.
CWFC-11: Firstly, wrap mason jar, glass jars, bottles or vases by chicken wire mesh and moss.
CWFC-12: Next, wrap chicken wire mesh and moss completely with the mason jar and put flowers inside the jar to be a chicken wire craft.

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