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DC transmission aluminum frame processing

DC transmission aluminum frame processing
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Product Name:DC transmission aluminum frame processing
Place of Origin:Peoples Republic of China
Post Date:December 15, 2016
Edit Date:March 22, 2018
Company Name :
Yantai Best Aluminum Co., Ltd.
Add:Mest Side 50 Meters of S213 Highway Penglai
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wechat:13655357500   QQ:1437768772 Production of aluminum alloy frame welding aluminum alloy frame welding power, dc power transmission, aluminum frames, reactive power compensation in flow valve gear power products such as aluminum alloy frame has to good performance, light weight, and other significant characteristics of major, convenient assembly. We currently have for many domestic power equipment equipment leading enterprises established long-term relations of cooperation, mainly to provide all kinds of power pipes, flanges, aluminum alloy frame, transformers, reactive power compensation aluminum alloy aluminum shell device, vertical wind power blades and other kinds of electric aluminum and aluminum alloy welding products, the company of all kinds of aluminum alloy in south power network in electric power equipment widely used in and abroad, and other projects. Welcome the masses of customers to the company visit, to discuss aluminum alloy electric power equipment, electrical equipment power equipment such as aluminum, aluminum frame structure power projects of cooperation!

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