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Pink fused alumina with high quality manufacturer

Pink fused alumina with high quality manufacturer
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Product Name:Pink fused alumina with high quality manufacturer
Place of Origin:Peoples Republic of China
Post Date:July 30, 2014
Edit Date:July 6, 2018
Company Name :
Henan Sicheng Co., Ltd
Add:0801,8/F,No.1 Building,No.238,Tongbai South Road,Zhengzhou,Henan,China (Mainland)
Detailed Product Description:

Pink fused alumina with high quality manufacturer


1 Al2O3:98.0%min 
2 Good Hardness and Toughness 
3 Verified by ISO9001



1 Pink fused alumina is produced by adding with the right quantity of oxidized chromium.

2 It has more toughness and less friability, compared with white fused alumina.

3 The abrasive tools made of it feature excellent durability and high processing cleanness, which are suitable for the precision grinding of the measuring tolls, lathe main shafts, instruments and apparatus parts, threading work pieces and samplers, etc.


2.Chemical and Physical Index

The percentage of Cr2O3 low 0.20-0.45 Mid 0.45-1.00 High 1.0-2.0

Grit size      Al2O3     Na2O    Fe2O3

F12-F80        98.50min 0.50max  0.08max

F90-F150       98.50min 0.55max  0.08max

F180-F220      98.00min 0.60max  0.08max

Bulk Density1.40-1.91 g/cm3Knoop Hardness2200-2300 g/mm2

True Density3.90g/cm3  Packing 25 KG+1 MT bag Or as request



1 Used for precision grinding of measuring tools;

2 Suitable for high alloy steel applications, ideal for tool sharpening such as high speed steel cutters, reamers, chisels, end mills and sharpening band saw blades.

3.The ideal material for sandblasting, polishing and grinding,applied to metal, glass, zinc alloy, aluminum, stainless steel, high carbon steel, high speed steel sandblasted,especially the thin-walled workpiece.

4. Improve the finishof wafers, optical lenses, precision instruments, glassware, ceramics, leather,plastic, metal parts etc.
5.For the production of ceramic, resin abrasive tools etc


4.After Sales Service:

1 We are very glad that customer give us some suggestion for price and products.

2 .If any question, please let us know it by E-mail or Telephone at the first time.

We can deal with them for you in time.


5.Factory Visit:

1 Welcome any customer to visit our factory directly

2 .If customer have any scheduling in China, please let us know. We would like to help you book the hotel and pick up you from airport or railway station

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