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fire-resistant aluminium composite panel

fire-resistant aluminium composite panel
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Product Name:fire-resistant aluminium composite panel
Place of Origin:Peoples Republic of China
Post Date:June 13, 2014
Edit Date:June 13, 2014
Company Name :
Hubei Bai Yue Xin Industrial Co., Ltd.
Add:C District xianfeng industrial park Enshi City Hubei Province
Detailed Product Description:

 A2ACP is a new high security wall decorative fireproof  material, use noncombustible inorganic material as the core ,the outer layer is alloying aluminum. Face fluorocarbon resin coating for the protective film made of a new type of metal composite material.

Competition  Advantage:

*Safe & Fire Resistant

ALUBINSUO Fire Resistant Aluminum Composite Panel reaches A2-s1,d0,t0 grade according to the national standard GB 8624-2012,with non-combustible inorganic core material which will not get fire and then resist fire spread while a building gets fire.


*Environmentally Friendly

It meets the national standard on green and environment protection for construction materials with the characteristics of  innocuity,  no halogen, no smoke, non combustible, no poison, odorless, heat-and sound-insulating, etc


*Weather Resistant &Anti-pollution

Coated with PVDF which is composed of HYLR5000 or KYNAR5000.It is good anti-aging for oxygen and light-heat, strong durability in high and low temperatures, waterproof and moisture proof.


*Process Ability

It possesses powerful performance of normal ACP for construction and can satisfy designers' special requirement.

Convenient Installation &Easy Maintenance

With lightweight, high bending strength A2ACP ,can be made into double S shape. Its physical specification can fully meet the properties of GB/T17748-2008(ACP).

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