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Primary Aluminium Metals

Primary Aluminium Metals
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Product Name:Primary Aluminium Metals
Place of Origin:Republic of India
Post Date:September 14, 2013
Edit Date:September 14, 2013
Company Name :
Sudal Industries Ltd
Add:A-5, MIDC Area, Ambad, Nasik, India
Detailed Product Description:

We take the liberty to encroach your valuable time to inform you that, we are a Public Limited Company engaged in the manufacturing of Aluminium Extrusions / Profiles, with 5 extrusions presses & present annual capacity of the plant is 25000 M.T. per year  as per customer requirements.


We have following MONTHLY  requirement of  different homogenized Aluminium alloy logs (Billets) without centre cracks of different sizes with the approximate  quantity as given below. The chemical composition of the different alloy  is given in the enclosed attachment for your reference & the logs are to be supplied accordingly. The length of the logs should be in between 5800 to 6000 mm or suitable length for stacking the logs in the 20 Feet container


We would like to import on regular basis the -


1)     Primary Aluminium Alloy Billets dully homogenized (temper) of size 14 inch, 12 inch, 11 inch 9 inch, 8 inch, 7 inch and 5 inch diameter & 20 inch hollow diameter x 5.8 Mtrs length in 6063, A 6061, 6005, 6082 & 65032 with Chromium. 


In the meantime, we need the following for our present plant on regular basis & others as mentioned above will need for our new plant, which is under construction.


Aluminium Alloy (LOGS/BILLETS)                      Qty. per Month (Tons)  


        5" dia ( 127 mm )       7" dia (178 mm)       8" dia ( 203 MM )


a) 1050                 NIL                        75 Tons                           NIL


b) A 6101              NIL                         100 Tons                        200 Tons.


c) 2014                 NIL                         NIL                               25 Tons.


d) 6005                 NIL                          25 Tons                         25 Tons.


e) 6063                50 Tons                    50 Tons                         50 Tons.


f) A 6082               25 Tons                    25 Tons                        50 Tons.


g) 6463                   NIL                         NIL                              50 Tons.


h) A 6061 (65032 )   NIL                         50 Tons.                       50 Tons.



 Total                         75 Tns                       325 Tns                               450 Tns                     



Grand Total –   850 Tns Plus Al. Ingots – 100 Tns = Totaling to 950 Tns per month.



2) Primary Aluminium Ingots (commercial Grade) of 99.5 purity and   Fe should not exceed 0.2%. - 100 Tons.   


         Si            Fe              Cu            Mn             Mg            Ti           Others

   0.20 max   0.20 max    0.01 max    0.02 max    0.02 max    0.02 max   ≤ 0.02%   


Al. Bilelts composition to be sent on receipt of your e mail. We would like to import directly from Manufacturers and not thru Agent/Trader or Middle Man.


Pls send us your lowest Techno-Commercial offer on Nhava Sheva Port, CIF, Mumbai, India by return.  

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