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Homogenizing Furnace

Homogenizing Furnace
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Product Name:Homogenizing Furnace
Place of Origin:Peoples Republic of China
Post Date:September 28, 2011
Edit Date:September 28, 2011
Company Name :
Foshan nanhai wei Ao machinery Co., LTD
Add:Building C, No.8 South bai2ggang Industrial Avenue, Lishui Town, Nanhai District, Foshan City, China
Detailed Product Description:

  Technical Parameter:

  Capacity:  10T~35T
  Temperature of Billet:  ≤ 580℃
  Heating Time:  2hr~4hr
  HoldingTime: 4hr (adjustable)
  Burner Used:  Bentone Of Sweden, America Eclipse Or Domestic Brand
  Fuel:  Diesel Oil, LPG, Natural Gas
  Blower:  Centrifugal Blower (stainless Steel)
  Homogenizing Furnace can release the stress within the profile particle structure which then improves the efficiency for extrusion. We use the special designed refractory material for the chamber lining and the national standard steel for the furnace body structure. These can ensure the furnace to endure repeat heating process without any deformation. In our cooling chamber, we use both water and air to maximize cooling effect.

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