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aluminium foil
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Product Name:aluminium foil
Place of Origin:Peoples Republic of China
Post Date:February 24, 2011
Edit Date:October 28, 2015
Company Name :
Chongqing Meifan Metal Material Co
Add:20F, 137#Building A, Keyuan Er Road, Jiulongpo Disct, Chongqing, China 400039
Detailed Product Description:


aluminium foils

aluminium foil mainly in alloy1100, 1235, 3003, 8011 and 8006 with the thickness from 0.004mm to 0.2mm. ID 76mm. for different usages

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1. Appliance foil:  alloy 8011, 8111; temper: O.
Thickness: 0.01~ 0.02; width: 200~ 700; I. D: 76.2, 152.4; Max O. D:450.
Adopted Standard: GB3198
2. Cable foil: alloy 1050, 1145; temper: O.
  Thickness: 0.1~ 0.2; width: 200~600; I. D: 76.2; Max O. D: 800
Adopted Standard: GB3198
3. Pharmacy foil: alloy 1235, 8011, 8111; temper: H18, H19, O
  Thickness: 0.018~0.022; width: 400~600; I. D: 76.2; Max O. D: 600
Adopted Standard: GB3198
4. Air-conditioner foil: alloy:1100, 8011, 3102; temper:  H22, H24, H26, H19, O  Thickness: 0.01~0.20; width: 200~1310;
I. D: 76, 150, 200, 505; Max O. D: 1450
Adopted Standard: YS/T95.1
5. Cigarette foil: alloy: 1235; temper: O;
Thickness: 0.004~0.007; width: 460~1320; I. D: 76.2 Max O. D: 400;
Adopted Standard: GB3198
6. Further fabricating foil: alloy: 8011; temper: O, H22, H24, H26, H18; Thickness: 0.012~0.06; width: 300~1300; I. D: 76.2; Max O. D: 1300; Adopted Standard: GB3198
7. Electronic foil : alloy: 1A99, 1A97; temper: H19;
Thickness: 0.09~0.15; width: 500~1000; I. D: 76.2; Max O. D: 1450
Adopted Standard: GB/T3615;
alloy: 3003, 3001; temper: H19;
Thickness: 0.02~0.05; width: 500~1000; I. D: 76.2; Max O. D: 1450
Adopted Standard: GB/T3615;
8. Lithographic sheet: alloy: 1050; temper: H18;
Thickness: 0.14~0.15; width: 600~1470; I. D: 150, 200; Max O. D: 1200
Adopted Standard: HG/T2619
9. Decoration foil: alloy: 1100, 3003; temper: H18;  
Thickness: 0.026~0.17; width: 1000~1500; I. D: 150, 200; Max O. D: 1200; Adopted Standard: GB3198 


Dear Sir;

This is Jackson from Chonqing Meifan Metal Material Co., Ltd of China. I have known that you want aluminium products on CNAL.com. I am glade to tell you that we can supply this aluminium for you. We do hope to establish long business relation with you to develope our aluminium products in your erea.

We are the largest aluminium manufacturer and exporter in the southwest of China, such as, aluminium sheet/plate, coil, strip, foil, rod/bar, tube/pipe and checkered plate for architecture, decoration, project, infrastructure, aviation, automobile, marine and household application etc. Our annual exports over thousands MT all over the world, especially, the Europe, Italy and USA.

So we have strong ability to ensure you with good quality and service.

Please feel free to contact me with the specific technical requirement, such as, the alloy, the temper, the size and Min. order so that we can give you a favorable price, bcause these items are the most important points to decide the price and delivery time.

Looking forward to hear from you.


Warm Regards


Export manager


Chongqing Meifan Metal Material Co., Ltd

Add: 20F, 137#Building A, Keyuan Er Road, Jiulongpo Disct, Chongqing, China  400039

Tel.: +86-023-68629075

Cell No.:+8613648316625

Fax: +86-023-68605279

Mail Box: 002@meifangroup.com

Skype ID: sunforeverlove2010

Msn: sunforeverlove2010@live.cn

Company Website: http://www.meifangroup.com

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