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Aluminium Foil Mould

Aluminium Foil Mould
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Product Name:Aluminium Foil Mould
Place of Origin:Peoples Republic of China
Post Date:March 15, 2012
Edit Date:June 28, 2012
Company Name :
Foshan Weibo Aluminium Foil Products Mould Machinery Factory
Add:Henggang Industrial Area,Dalitown,Nanhai district,Foshan city,GD. China
Detailed Product Description:

     Mould Characters:There is a good saying that only a good mould can manufacture good products---that is our long-term aim. Abandoning the out-date methods of producing moulds, we use advanced technology to produce mould.We adopt flexible rebounded divice in the process of making mould. The mould is long-lived,in good-quality, highly precise and reasonable designed.The excellent processing technic ensures that we can complete the cutting,shaping, streching,curling once in a time.A series of perfect product is available, such as both soomthwall mould and  multi-cavities mould, from mould of one grid to multi-grids mould,and moulds of different rims (G type, L type, IVC type,and Fold type).The mould is excellent in quality and reasonable in price.The working cycle period is fast.According to customer’s needs, the mould can be seted up to ordinary punch, pneumatic punch,or the press with four pillars.

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