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aluminum-alloy brazing rod

aluminum-alloy brazing rod
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Product Name:aluminum-alloy brazing rod
Place of Origin:Peoples Republic of China
Post Date:September 9, 2010
Edit Date:September 9, 2010
Company Name :
Jinhua City BOWE Welding Industry Co., Ltd.
Detailed Product Description:

BOWE bo wei al-si LvHan BW4043: the content of silicon BW4047 5%, the content of silicon LvHan 12%, the most commonly used material (LvHan BOWE bo wei), is used to brazing aluminum and aluminum extrusion, melting point of low temperature, good fluidity and deformation characteristics of wood, commonly used methods are argon arc welding oxyen-acetlene welding, etc.

BOWE bo wei aluminum and magnesium LvHan wire BW5356: LvHan (shredded), this product is with magnesium alloy (5%), use BOWE bo is extensive, suitable for welding or surface of magnesium alloy casting # 5, high strength and ductility is good, have good corrosion resistance, but also for the treatment of anode provides good welding color.
BOWE bo wei LvHan pure silk BW1100: LvHan LvHan (shredded), aluminum content "99.5%, excellent corrosion resistance, high thermal conductivity, and with excellent performance, can be processed through processing of anode materials (BOWE bo wei), the need to match the ideal, was recommended to the aluminum alloy welding 1000 series
BOWE bo wei aluminum wire BW5183: LvHan manganese LvHan (shredded), the welding seam metal has good corrosion resistance and high intensity (pure aluminum BOWE bo wei), weldability and plasticity well adapted to aluminum, aluminum alloy and other argon arc welding, oxyen-acetlene welding do stuffing.
Packing: 1, Willie bo Ф 0.5 mm wire series: 1.6 mm dish silk Ф -, 8kg - 7kg/boxes.
2, Ф 1.6 mm series: welding rod, Ф - 6.0 mm 10kg - 20kg/box.
3 can provide OEM or neutral packing.

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