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Pharmaceutical PTP Aluminum Foil

Pharmaceutical PTP Aluminum Foil
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Product Name:Pharmaceutical PTP Aluminum Foil
Place of Origin:Peoples Republic of China
Post Date:January 19, 2010
Edit Date:January 19, 2010
Company Name :
Leadmens Al-Plastic Complex Packing (Zhongshan) Ltd.
Add:Qingan Road Jixi Xiaolan Town
Detailed Product Description:
  • Print Colour: Roll tape
  • Structure: Protect Layer/Aluminum Foil/VC(Agglu...
  • Brand Name: Leadmens
  • Type: Roll
  • Thickness: 0.015mm~0.060mm
  • Alloy: 8011
  • Place of Origin: Guangdong China (Mainland)
  • Treatment: Printed
  • Model Number: PTP
  • Use: Pharmaceutical
  • Temper: Hard

PTP Aluminum Foil
Structures:OP(Protective Layer)/Print Layer(Aluminum Foil)/VC(Agglutinate Layer)

PTP Aluminum Foil

1-PTP Aluminum Foil applied to tablets, capsules, pills, such as blister packaging.

2-Excellent barrier, light, moisture, and to ensure that the product shelf life.

3-Of excellent heat sealing with PVC, PVDC, ACLAR materials such as sealing.

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