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Pharmaceutical PTP Aluminum Foil

Pharmaceutical PTP Aluminum Foil
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Product Name:Pharmaceutical PTP Aluminum Foil
Place of Origin:Peoples Republic of China
Post Date:January 8, 2010
Edit Date:January 8, 2010
Company Name :
Taixing Kangcheng Medical Products Co., Ltd.
Add:18F/C Huatai Building, No.1 Zhongxing Avenue
Detailed Product Description:
  • Place of Origin: Jiangsu, China
  • Brand Name: KC
  • Type: Roll
  • Thickness: 0.024mm
  • Alloy: alloy 8011
  • Treatment: Printed
  • Use: Pharmaceutical
  • Temper: Hard

PTP aluminum foil has impacted oxygen, moisture,
and to bring easy to use,
prevent pollution and so on.

1. PTP aluminum foil Performance and features:
This product is obstructing oxygen, moisture, seal well, are easy to take to carry and easy storage and transport of pollution prevention. Rigid aluminum foil used as a cover material for aluminum foil break out the consumer pushing drugs. This product can not be stripped using the sealing coating, the substrate can be a variety of plastic composite.
2, PTP ALU FOIL Typical structure:
Protective layer (OP) / outer printing layer / aluminum foil substrate / inside printing layer / adhesive layer (VC).
3, Applications:
For tablets, capsules, pills, such as packaging.
4, Classification (according to the printed form):
Non-color foil (non-coated printing only), printing foil (single-sided printing, double-sided printing, color printing, multi-color printing) color foil (gold background, green background, blue background, etc

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