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Cigarette Foil

Cigarette Foil
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Product Name:Cigarette Foil
Place of Origin:Peoples Republic of China
Post Date:May 13, 2013
Edit Date:May 13, 2013
Company Name :
Zhuozhou Haoyuan Foil Co.,Ltd
Add:NO.3, Huafeng Road, Zhuozhou City, Hebei Province
Detailed Product Description:

Zhuozhou Haoyuan Foil Industry Co., Ltd is located in famous historical city of Zhuozhou, Hebei Province. This is the hometown of well-know story of swearing brotherhood of three heroes in Peach Garden. It is 60 kilometers from the capital, Beijing and 230 kilometers from Bright Pearl of Bohai, Tianjin and Xingang, which give us good transport facilities. We are a professional manufacturer of producing and management metal foils and its conversion products. During the past, over ten years from the establishment, the company has collected the abilities of independent research, development, producing and management, combined together we have become one of most comprehensive metal foil conversion products manufacturer in China. The precise equipments, advanced technology and stable quality are our guarantee to supply you with our good products and service. Our products are sold throughout China and also exported for sale in over sixty countries and districts, for instance, the United States, Germany, Japan, Australia, England, France, Poland and Middle East area.

The company has obtained ISO9001: 2000 ificate.ISO14001:2004certificate of environment management system certification GB/T28001-2001certificate of occupational health and safety management system certification We have formed our products into three different series; foil series, laminated foil series and container series. Each series offers many different products. This makes it easier for us to meet our customers’ requirements, to create new products and to reach more markets, in order for the company to process special requests. Also, we are able to accept incoming material processing and OEM processing.

Mission: to enable our customers to become friendly and profitable friends, and their joint efforts to More people around the world with environmental health convenient, attractive foil products, accompanied by a beautiful life.

Vision: foil products to the global carrier deep processing of the Navigator!

"devotion justice sincerity and trust" is Haoyuan’s promise.

"Living on quality, gaining customers through integrity, advancements in science and technology, creating superlative products and serving our customers with heart and soul" is the philosophy of our company.
Our hope is that every product from our company will add luster for your life!

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