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aluminum alloy rod continuous casing and rolling line

aluminum alloy rod continuous casing and rolling line product name: aluminum alloy rod continuous casing and rolling line
Place of Origin: Peoples Republic of China
Post Date: March 4, 2011
Edit Date: March 4, 2013

Detailed Product Description:

This production line works to produce pure aluminum rod or alumnium alloy rod in diameter ofφ9.5mmorφ12mmby means of continuous casting and rolling.


  1. Composition

This production line is composed of 12-ton round-shaped energy-saving melting furnace ,  five-wheel casting machine and pouring ladle, roller shears, motorized straightener, multi-frequency induction heater, cast bar feed-in device, rolling mill, alloy rod cooling systems, dual-position coiler, electrical control system, rolling mill lubrication system and emulsion system, etc.



  1. Main Technical Data

3.1.Diameter of casting wheel:           φ1600 mm

3.2. Cast bar delivery speed:             8~12mpm

3.3. Cross sectional area of cast bar:      2300 mm2          

3.4. Motor of casting machine:            4kW, AC, 1000rpm

3.5. Motor of rolling mill:                  355kw, 600rpm

3.6. Final rolling speed:                  4~6.2m/sec.

3.7. output:                            approx. 2.7~4.2 t/h

3.8. Outlet rod diameter:                 φ9.5mm, Φ12mm

3.9. Number of stands:                  14 (1 stand with horizontal roll, 1 stand with

vertical roll, 6 stands with Y-shaped rolls of

upper  driving, 6 stands with Y-shaped rolls of lower driving)

3.10. Pass system:                      Ellipse - circle+ arc triangle – circle

3.11. Nominal diameter of roll:            Φ255mm

3.12. Diameter of coil:                   Φ2000mm

3.13. Weight of coil:                      approx. 1~1.5 tons/basket

3.14. Total installed power:               850kw

  1. Components and Descriptions

4.1. Round-shaped Melting Furnace: 2 sets

4.1.1. Fuel: natural gas

4.1.2. When furnace is in thermal stability, in-plant scraps ≤20%, each furnace is at rated capacity and under continuous working condition:

a) Energy consumption ≤56×104Kcal/ton of aluminum (from ignition to melting at 740oC);

b) Melting speed ≤3.5hr.furnace (from ignition to temperature of molten aluminum at 740oC);

c) Net burning loss ≤1.5%;

4.1.3. Furnace capacity: rated capacity at 12 tons, maximum capacity at 13.5 tons;

4.1.4. Overhaul interval: vertical furnace and air pre-heater ≥2years, bottom furnace ≥4 years;

4.1.5. Refractory materials

     a) Grade 1 high alumina brick (LZ-75) with standard weight ≥4.35kg/piece used for wall and bottom lining;

     b) Wear-resistant phosphate-compound brick used for vertical furnace, spout, and fire door;

     c) Low-cement high alumina castable (DL-60) used for furnace arch and door arch;

     d) Insulating brick, insulating castable and aluminum silicate fiber sheet used for insulation;

     e) Pearlite brick NG-0.8 used as insulating brick;

     f) High alumina phosphate mortar, water glass mortar are used to lay the bricks in dry method;

     g) Heat-resistant cast iron (Cr16) used as cover on top of furnace

4.1.6. Steel

     a) Top quality steel is used;

     b) 20g or 1Cr18Ni9Ti steel is used for inner tube in pre-heater, charging mouth and flange, and flange for vertical furnace;

4.1.7. Furnace body: including bottom furnace, vertical furnace, charging hopper, top cover and motorized opening system, fire door, hot air duct, spout and plug, and standard connectors;

4.1.8. Burner: two burners Type ZH100 are provided for each furnace;

4.1.9. Air supply system: including air blower, air valve, air hopper, bend, flange, reducing head, air pipe, standard connectors and seals;

4.1.10. Air preheating system: horizontal cylindrical right current air pre-heater provided for each furnace;

4.1.11. Bottom furnace with magnetic window:

     a) Non-magnetic steel and stainless steel plates δ12mm are used for magnetic window and channel;

     b) A3 steel plate and 120# channel steel used for non-magnetic window;

4.1.12. Permanent magnetic mixer at furnace bottom:

     a) A bottom-placed permanent magnetic mixer of φ1000 B Type is used for two sets of 12-ton round-shaped melting furnace;

     b) Motorized elevating system, motorized pulling system and guide rail, cool air system, and over-temperature protection system are provided for mixer;

     c) Mixer consisting of:

       (1) Variable frequency speed regulation, forward and reverse control 22Kw), motorized elevation (0.75Kw), motorized puller (0.75Kw), cool air blower (1.5Kw) on/off, temperature check and alarm against over-temperature;

       (2) Two thermo-couples provided, one giving alarm in case of over-temperature, another one giving alarm against over-temperature and automatically starting elevating system to lower the mixer and stop the main machine from running;

4.1.13. Platform on top of the furnace is made of 12# steel channel as the pillar and main frame, with 3~4mm checkered steel plate as the surface, and seam pipe or galvanized pipe as the hand rail. Platform for one furnace has an area≥25m2with bearing capacity to support ≥1.5T/m2, material for which to be prepared by the user;

4.1.14. Smoke exhaust system: exhaust hood is provided for each furnace at the fire door and the charging mouth, which exhausts the smoke outdoors through a master duct;

4.1.15. Fuel supply system: natural gas gun and valve are provided, but the adjustment system and pipes are to be prepared by the user;

4.1.16. Control system: consisting of two 11Kw air blowers, 2 0.75Kw hoists, portable temperature probe, and furnace temperature track and check instruments;

4.2. Five-wheel Casting Machine: 1 set

(Patent No. ZL00244512.3)

Consisting of drive motor with tacho-generator, reducer, casting wheel, steel tape tensioner, steel tape blower and wipe, cast bar extractor, conveyor, tundish, cooling water device, anchor bolts, etc. with main technical parameters as follows:

Top of tundish off ground:            660mm

Drive motor:                        4kw (AC)

Nominal diameter of casting wheel:    φ1600 mm

Cross section of casting wheel:        H-shaped

Cross sectional area of cast bar:       2300mm2

Cast bar linear speed:                8~12m/min

To make the cast bar crystallized in even compactness, water is sprayed over the casting wheel from all sides, and the amount of water is adjustable. From 1 o’clock to 10 o’ clock positions on the circumference of the wheel, there are three sections, i.e. inner cooler and outer cooler; the inner side cooler and outer side coolers each have two sections. For regulation and maintenance of the cooling water, the inner cooler, the outer cooler and the outer side cooler are fitted on a rotary door, which makes it easy for the casting wheel to turn out. Pneumatic tensioner is adopted to keep the tension of the steel tape.

The cast bar is in trapezoid.

4.3.Cooling System for Casting Machine

(to be provided by the user itself)

Two pumps (one at work and another for stand-by), two filters (one at work and another for stand-by), stop valve, foot valve, pipes and fittings, and flanges are provided.

Power rating of pump:                22kw

Water pressure                      0.3~0.5Mpa

Flow rate                           100m3/h

Temperature                         ≤50℃

4.4. Roller Shears                      1 set

   Motor                               15kW (AC)

   Cut-off length of cast bar              700mm

   Driven by an AC motor, with speed reduced by needle cyloidal reducer, the shears has two cutters on the rollers that cut off the cast bar by a length of 700mm.


4.5. Rolling Mill (Patent No. ZL022218548):   1 set

4.5.1. Main motor:                           355kw, 600rpm, DC

4.5.2. Final rolling speed:                     Max. 6.2m/sec.

4.5.3. Outlet rod dia.:                          Φ9.5mm, Φ12mm

4.5.4. Center height of rolling:                 1052.5mm

4.5.5. Number of stands:                      14

4.5.6. Two-roll stand:                          2

4.5.7. Three-roll stand in Y-shape:              12

4.5.8. Nominal diameter of roll:                 φ255 mm

Motorized feed-in device is used for cast bar into the mill, with drive coming from the main transmission box. Cylinders pinch the cast bar and help it into the first stand. Two stands with two Φ255mm rolls are used for roughening through one pair of vertical rolls and one pair of horizontal rolls; 14 stands with three φ255 rolls are for finishing, arranged in upper and lower layout alternatively. Safety toothed coupling is fitted between the transmission gearbox and the stand, whose safety pin is cut off when overloading occurs so as to protect the gears and shafts in the transmission box. Entry and outlet guides are fitted on each stand, and a stopper is fitted between the stands in case of pile-up.

4.6. Oil Lubrication System:           1 set

4.6.1. Gear pump:                     5.5.kw, 2 sets

4.6.2. Working pressure:                0.1~0.3 Mpa

4.6.3. Filter:                           GLQ-80, mono-barrel type

4.6.4. Oil tank:                         5 m3

Oil supply system is of twin-system. Oil from the tank is pumped via filter into the master inlet pipe behind the gearbox, flows into the gearbox in three routes, which then flows through the distribution pipe to the nozzles, where it is sprayed over the gears and bearings. Return oil flows back to the tank at the bottom of the side of the gearbox.

4.7. Emulsion Lubrication System:      1 set

4.7.1. Emulsion pump:                   100 m3/h , 22 kW (2 sets)

4.7.2. Pressure:                         0.3~0.5Mpa

4.7.3. Filter:                             GLQ-100 mono-barrel

4.7.4. Plate type heat exchanger:          35m2

   Through centrifugal pump, filter and heat exchanger, emulsion flows into the master pipe on top of the gearbox, and through the hose it flows to lubricate the gears, rolls and entry and outlet guides of the stands, and then flows back into the emulsion tank through a return channel on the base of the gearbox.


4.8. Rod Cooling System :      1 set

   It consists of cooling and lubricating system, air blowers, etc.

4.9. Coiler:      1 set

   It is composed of operation platform, pinching unit, conveyor, winder and trolley.

4.9.1. Drive

1) Drive speed:                         Max. 7m/sec.

2) Drive motor:                         11kw, DC

Rod is pinched and pulled forward by dual motorized unit, with spring adjusting the pressure. A DC motor drive a roller to pinch and move the rod forward via V-belt, while at the same time a pair of gears drive the other roller to rotate in synchronization.

4.9.2. Rod winder

1) Diameter of coil:                     Φ2000mm

2) Winding motor:                       4kw, AC

Rod is threaded through the worm gear shaft under the force of driving thrust, going through the drop pipe and falls into the trolley.

4.9.3. Coiler trolley

1) Diameter of coil:                     φ2000mm

2) Height of coiler basket:                1500mm

3) Motor for basket:                     4kw (AC, variable-frequency regulation)

Two baskets are set on the trolley, which is driven by motor via a friction pulley so as enable to rod to be laid down in star shape. Beneath the trolley there is an air cylinder that moves the basket to shift with each other.

4. 10. Electrical Control System:      1 set

   The electrical control system is of 3-phase 4-line 380V, 50Hz, supply from low voltage grid. The total power of the plant is 1,000kw. For transmission of the casting machine, roller shears, rolling mill, and coiler fully digital DC speed regulator is used to achieve synchronized control; for control of the same, PLC plus touch screen is adopted to perform accurate and reliable command, with all operating parameters monitored and displayed together. For the 520kw main motor, Siemens S7-200 is used, and touch screen is TP270 10-inch color screen man-machine interface for operation, in which all parameters are monitored and displayed together. The process control parameters can be set, revised, and displayed through the man-machine interface, with function to diagnose the fault. The speed, current and voltage of the casting machine, roller shears, rolling mill, and drive as well as fault can be displayed and controlled in synchronization.


The control process of the whole production line is displayed in intuitive manner with full animation, with sub-branch display of warning for blockade of the cooling system and lubricating system, able to give command for operation and observe the running condition of the plant. The system is also able to indicate abnormal situation of the current and speed of the motor, and give warning and stop automatically in case of ockade.bl The low-voltage electrical elements such as intermediate relay, AC contactor, and circuit breaker below 32A are from Siemens or Schneider, and those above 32A arefrom Chinese makers. The electrical control panels are in 4+3 combined units: 4 panels are integral and connected on the base, so it is good in look and easy for internal wiring. The electrical control panels are to be placed in special distribution room, and the site is only assigned for operation desks of the casting machine, rolling mill, and coiler.