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alumnium rod continuous casting and rolling line

alumnium rod continuous casting and rolling line product name: alumnium rod continuous casting and rolling line
Place of Origin: Peoples Republic of China
Post Date: March 4, 2011
Edit Date: March 4, 2013

Detailed Product Description:

This production line is used to produce conductive aluminum rod of Φ9.5mm,

Φ12mm by means of continuous casting and rolling.

  1. Precise Process Flow

2.1.The process flow chart is as follows:



Ordinary aluminum ingot and scrap


Melting furnace



Holding furnace


Continuous casting machine



Oil Hydraulic shearer



Continuous rolling machine



Double basket rod rewinder



Aluminum rod

2.2.Molten aluminum or prepared aluminum melt flows from the holding furnace into the casting machine via the launder, where it is cast into a trapezoid ingot with a cross-sectional area of 2400mm2. The oil hydraulic shearer cuts off the waste end and press it smaller or pointed so as to feed into the rolling machine, where it is rolled, and after passing through the grease box and the guide pipe, aluminum rod is finally laid down in coil in the basket on the trolley.

  1. Main Technical Data

Diameter of conductive aluminum rod  ∮12mm, and ∮9.5mm

Output capacity: 2.5~5ton/hr.

Overall dimension: 32.05×7.2×4.2m

Total weight: 65t

4. Technical Data of Components

4.1 Aluminum melting furnace (vertical type)

4.1.1. Melting rate: 5tph

4.1.2. Height of furnace body:  5.2m

   (Note: Workshop height: ≥11m)

4.1.3. Diameter of vertical furnace: Φ1.2m

4.1.4. Fuel type: (natural) gas / heavy fuel oil/ diesel

4.1.5. Molten aluminum temperature from the furnace: 710-740℃

4.1.6. Burner type: ZH220 or T220

4.1.7. Air blower type: GE-40-7.5kW

4.1.8. Charging capacity: 1t/per time

4.1.9. Charging mode: skip type

4.2Dual- chamber holding furnace

4.2.1. Molten pool (single-chamber) capacity: 8t

4.2.2. Fuel type: (natural) gas / heavy fuel oil/ diesel

4.2.3. Overall dimension: 6788×4484×3100mm

4.2.4. Burner type: ZH100 or T100

4.2.5. Air blower type: GD-30-4kW

4.3Five-wheel continuous casting machine

4.3.1.Diameter of crystallizing wheel: ∮1500mm

4.3.2.Cross sectional area of crystallizing wheel: 2420mm2

4.3.3.Cross sectional area of cast ingot: 2400mm2

4.3.4Cross shape of crystallizing wheel: M

4.3.5Casting speed: 8~12m/min (motor speed at 500~1000rpm)

4.3.6.Crystallizing wheel speed: 2~2.546rpm.

4.3.7.Motor power: 4kw (AC, N=1500rpm)

4.3.8.Pressure of cooling water: 0.35~0.5Mpa

4.3.9.Flow of cooling water: 100t/h, in which 60t/h for inner cooling, 40t/h for outer cooling

4.4.Single-track Oil Hydraulic Shearer

4.4.1.Max. shearing force: 12,000kg

4.4.2.Max. shearing stroke: 65mm

4.4.3.Type of electric hoist: TV-0.50

Lifting weight: 500kg

4.4.4.Type of gear pump: YB-25

Oil pressure: 65kg/cm2

Oil output: 25L/min

4.4.5.Type of motor: 4kw,  N=960r/min

4.5 Type Y Continuous Rolling Machine

4.5.1.Type: Three rollers in Y-shaped arrangement

4.5.2.Outlet diameter: ∮9.5mm, ∮12mm

4.5.3.Number of stands:  15th        13th      

4.5.4.Nominal size of roller: ∮255mm

4.5.5.Transmission ratio between two neighboring stands: 1:1.25

4.5.6.Final rolling speed: V=6.2m/sec.

4.5.7.Center height of rolling: 902.5mm

4.5.8.Main motor power: 250kw, DC, n=500rpm

4.6 Coiler

4.6.1. Coiling motor: Z2-22

Motor power: 1.1kw, DC,

Motor speed: 1500rpm

4.6.2Speed of coiling head: 15-90rpm

4.6.3Motor type of gear reducer: JTC561A

Motor power             2.2kw(AC)

     Motor speed             48rpm

4.6.4Size of coil(mm):   Φ1800×Φ800×1400(outer dia.×inner dia.×height)

4.6.5Coil weight :            2t

5.Components and Construction

5.1 Aluminum melting furnace (vertical type)

It is composed of horizontal hearth furnace, vertical furnace, charging inlet, combustion flue, as well as combustion system and charging mechanism, among which, fire door , fitted in forepart of the horizontal hearth furnace, is readily available for slag forming, slagging-off, charge cleaning as well as for furnace man to maintain the furnace lining.

Vertical furnace is composed of lower section, middle section, and upper section as well as exhaust exit and charge inlet.

With the help of charging mechanism and operation desk on the top of the furnace, it is readily accessible for operators to charge feedstock, inspect charging unit running as well as the inside situation of furnace and shoot troubles.

5.2Dual-chamber holding furnace

Being reverberatory furnace type, the holding furnace with two pools jointed, is 6788×4484×3100(L×W×H) mm in dimension, 1016mm in height of hearth furnace, and 3276×2470×484 (L×W×H) mm in size of molten pool.

Blocks and bricks are of wet masonry. One piece and a half bricks are applied to be laid on the wall of furnace. Follow the order "inside to outside" of molten pool, there are High Alumina Brick, Clay brick, Asbestos Sheet, Pearllite Power and steel plate.

In this way, it is efficient to stop heat dissipation with blocks and bricks in order to keep the temperature moderate in furnace chamber, compared with temperature approximately70℃ in wall outside of the furnace. Two fire doors (800×400 mm) are made for each molten pool with a ramp at 30º allowing for slagging-off.

5.3  5-WheelContinuous Casting Machine

In 5-wheel structure ,it is made of crysttallizing wheel ,compressing wheel ,tensional

Wheel ,guide wheel ,casting system ,cooling system,steel tape blower ,oil filler ,ingot

trimmer and guide bridge.

Drives come from a Y132M2-6 motor, through 3-stage worm gearbox to rotate the crystaillizing wheel, which is fixed on the shaft of min.speed stage and fastened by the cast iron turret to balance the force. Through friction, drives are delivered to rotate crystaillizing wheel,steel tape ,every guide wheel and tensional wheel .The steel tape is compresed and tensioned by pneumatic force so as to be kept in tensional state all the time.

The cooling system of crystallizing wheel consists of inner cooling, outer cooling and side cooling, all of which are installed on a holder in type of openable door. Every cooling are divided into 2 sections for separate inlet, each with a preessure display and a separate adjustable valve. For inner cooling, an additional cooling section is increased to adjust the temperature of crystallizing wheel. The side cooling is installed on the side of baseplate.

The tensional wheel, being installed on the foundation at the lower left of crystallizing wheel, is divided into lower part and upper part, which is fixed on a rotary arm, thrust by a pneumatic cylinder to compress or release.

The compressing device is installed completely on the gearbox of crystallizing wheel while the pressing disk is fixed on a rotary arm, which is thrust by a pneumatic cylinder to compress or release with an adjustable tensional force.

The force of compressing or tension can both be adjusted with the speed regulated by a throttle of air release and noise removal, to prevent the steel tae and crystallizing wheel from impulsion. In the pneumatic system, there is a non-return valve in front of the electrical control switch in order to guarantee the compressing.The working presure of tensional cylinder will not be influenced if the source pressure is somewhat low.

The casting system is equipped with motor for pouring ladle up/down and forward/backward motor, which is convenient to withdraw and put up the pouring nozzle from the trough of crystallizing wheel.

5.4.Single-track Oil Hydraulic Shearer

Used to cut aluminum ingot in irregular shape, it is composed of single-rail hoist, oil hydraulic shearer and oil circuit. The hoist is actually an electric pulley with a lifting capacity of 500kg, traveling along a 6-meter (max. >9m) long rail so as to perform cutting between the casting machine and the rolling Machine. The maximum cross sectional area of the aluminum blank is not larger than 2500 m2 at temperature from 450~550℃, maximum shearing force is 12,000kg, and traveling stroke is 65mm, which is used to cut off the disqualified ingot.

5.5.Rolling Machine

It is composed of 15 stands with rollers of nominal diameter at ∮255mmin Y-shaped arrangement, with upper drive in 7 stands in even number and lower drive in 8 stands in odd number. The rolling pass schedule is in triangle-circular circular-curved arrangement. A main drive mechanism transmits drive from a 250kw through a toothed coupling mated with an axle beneath the 12th stand on the main gearbox. Transmission ratio between two adjacent stands is 1:1.25. Safety toothed couplings are provided between the drive box and the stands, when overloaded, a safety pin is cut off to prevent accident from taking place.

5.6 .Coiler

It is composed of guide pipe, rod rewinder and trolley.

The aluminium rod goes from the rolling stand to the guide pipe at a speed of 6m/s, passing through the grease box, which applies a little lubrication grease on the surface to reduce the friction between the rod and pipe. Then the rod, at a temperature of about 300℃, is easy to go through the coiling head.

The DC motor of coiling head is driven by a gear reducer. By adopting a thyrister speed regulator, it is easy to control the speed so that big coil is made at slow speed while small coil at fast speed inside the basket of take-up trolley.

Two baskets of the same size are on the trolley, beneath which there is an gear reduce motor driven by V-belt to move it when one basket is full so that another basket can move in at the touch of the inch button.