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Aluminium honeycomb panel (Honeycomb aluminum panel)

Aluminium honeycomb panel (Honeycomb aluminum panel) product name: Aluminium honeycomb panel (Honeycomb aluminum panel)
Place of Origin: Peoples Republic of China
Post Date: May 7, 2011
Edit Date: June 18, 2011

Detailed Product Description:

1, introduction: aluminium honeycomb panelis using high strength alloy aluminum as panel and motherboard, use among aviation adhesive glue hexagonal aluminum foil honeycomb core within, the roller press in aluminum composite and exert adornment sex or surface of a kind of anticorrosive coatings according to the construction site design good size, shape and structural form, carries on the upscale customized processing molding structure of whole aluminum decorative panels. This enterprise production of aluminum honeycomb board (JOMO&ALOOK) adopt high quality high strength alloy aluminum, and the surface of the pre roller coating fluorine carbon (PVDF) coating, without off color, rich color, excellent quality, can withstand the test of all kinds of environments, the choice is top-grade building decoration materials. 2, applicable scope: hotels, hotels, shopping malls, office buildings, hospitals, schools, railway stations, airports, stadium, ships interior decoration, advertising signs and building curtain wall, etc. 3, executive standard: GJB130-1999 《cementation aluminium honeycomb sandwich structure and aluminium honeycomb's performance test methods》standard. 4, product specification: according to drawings and color custom processing, largest size: 1900mm x 4000mm processing; Panel: 1.0 mm, 0.8 mm; Bottom: 1.0 mm, 0.8 mm; Board 0mm ~ 4000mm; long: Board 0mm ~ 1900mm; width: Full plate thickness 10mm, 15mm, 20mm: mm, 30mm and special, customization. Surface floor of the aluminum, except as otherwise materials available: stainless steel plate, choi steel plate, aluminium zinc plate, marble, etc. 5, product series: aluminium honeycomb curtain wall plate, aluminum honeycomb ceiling plate, aluminum honeycomb indoor decorative plate, woodgrain aluminium honeycomb plate, stone grain aluminium honeycomb plate, marble aluminium honeycomb plate, etc. 6, advantages: (1) the light weight, good rigidity, flatness high. Interconnection of aluminum honeycomb core as innumerable choices evenly distributed in the whole board face fixed within, not easy to produce shear, make plate more stable, changeful form, bending fold and excellent performance of wind, even large specifications of aluminium honeycomb board, can achieve very good smoothness. (2) the weathering resistance, corrosion resistance and resistance to polluting is good, facilitate cleaning and maintenance. (3) fire prevention, moistureproof. The inspection authority by national fire detection achieve flame retardant b1class above, in damp environment without mildew, deformation, etc.(4) sound insulation, heat insulation. Because of aluminium honeycomb board inside the honeycomb core air was divided into many closed gap, kept the air flow to make the sound waves and heat transmission, and thus has not good noise insulation performance. Also avoid the other metal plate when the heavy rain, rain on board face on this situation particularly large noise. (5) light pollution, colour and lustre is soft, rich color, adornment effect is good. Can be processed into flat, folding board, box shape plate, arc plate etc various shapes, fully satisfy the design originality. (6) construction of factory processing finish, without the site fabrication, installed directly, convenient, fast. (7) 100% recyclable coil.after recycled, reduce costs and save resources.

This enterprise is engaged in professional fluorine carbon spraying aluminum panel, aluminum honeycomb panel, aluminum-plastic plate production and sales of high-tech building materials enterprise, China construction steel structure association and China building decoration association member unit. Enterprise passed ISO9001 international quality system certification, ISO14001 environmental management system certification, welcome to inquire, sincere cooperation with you!