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Aluminum panel/Fluorine carbon spraying

Aluminum panel/Fluorine carbon spraying product name: Aluminum panel/Fluorine carbon spraying
Place of Origin: Peoples Republic of China
Post Date: May 7, 2011
Edit Date: June 18, 2011

Detailed Product Description:

1, introduction: fluorine carbon sprayingis metal workpieces (such as aluminum will surface veneer) after strictly chromium processs fluorocarbon coating, again after more than 230 ° through high temperature baking, which makes the metal workpieces decoration noodles have a layer of fluorocarbon coatings evenly, make product surface smooth, colour and lustre is uniform, metal pieces have to decorate and anti-corrosion effect.Our company produces the aluminum panel (JOMO&ALOOK) USES American PPG, DutchAKZO, South Korea KCC, Taiwan dinosaur, and other well-known coating company production of 500 KYNAR fluorine carbon resin (PVDF) coatings. The coating has excellent acid and alkaline, impact resistance, resistance to wear, can endure extreme ultraviolet radiation and long-term acid rain, appear coating pulverization, fade, falls off phenomenon, can withstand the test of all kinds of environments, high-grade building curtain wall adornment is the preferred materials. 2, applicable scope: hotels, hotels, shopping malls, office buildings, hospitals, schools, railway stations, airports, stadium, ships interior decoration, advertising signs and building curtain wall, etc. 3, executive standard: JG/T133-2000 《Architectural aluminiumprofile, aluminum plate fluorocarbon coating》standards. 4, advantages: (1) the weathering: the bad weather has opposed by charismatic function and the erosion of ozone. (2) the ultraviolet radiation resistant: has the anti-ultraviolet radiation and anti-pulverization performance, can keep for a long time natural color and luster. (3) chemical resistance character: it can resist acid, alkali erosion and from air pollution and acid rain. (4) corrosion resistance: oxygen, moisture and corrosion of low permeability of particles, a long-term tolerance of bad environment without being corrosion. (5) has excellent mechanical properties: the impact resistance, abrasion sex and excellent film flexibility. (6) mouldproof, bacteria NaiShiXing fouling property: the fine is mould to grow nutrient. With strong mouldproof, bacteria dirty characteristics. (7)  economical sex: it has the characteristics of accumulated dust dirt not, makes the cleaning and into buildings. 5, spraying types: (1) the two coating: primer + paint. (2) three besmear: primer + paint + varnish. (3) four besmear: primer + isolation lacquer + paint + varnish.

This enterprise is engaged in professional fluorine carbon spraying (powder coating spraying) aluminum panel, aluminum honeycomb panel, aluminum-plastic plate production and sales of high-tech building materials enterprise, China construction steel structure association and China building decoration association member unit. Enterprise passed ISO9001 international quality system certification, ISO14001 environmental management system certification, welcome to inquire, sincere cooperation with you!