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Aluminum panel/Powder coating spraying

Aluminum panel/Powder coating spraying product name: Aluminum panel/Powder coating spraying
Place of Origin: Peoples Republic of China
Post Date: May 7, 2011
Edit Date: June 18, 2011

Detailed Product Description:

1, introduction: powder coating sprayingis the principle of using electrostatic spray the solid powder coating containing solvents metal workpieces adsorption in the (such as aluminum panel), and then after 200 ° above of high temperature after baking powder coating molten curing becomes a layer of greater than 60 microns thick strong light, permanent film of metal pieces have to decorate and anti-corrosion effect. Make product surface smooth, colour and lustre is uniform, with strong acid and alkaline, impact resistance, resistance to wear, can long-term undergo ultraviolet radiation and acid rain, appear coating pulverization, fade, fall off wait for a phenomenon. 2, applicable scope: used for building materials, such as aluminum panel, aluminumprofile,aluminum ceiling plate, aluminous gusset plate, aluminium 100 leaves, aluminum grille, metal products, high temperature sanitary ware surface coating. 3, executive standard: GB/T5237.4-2000《powder coating sprayingprofile》standards. 4, advantages: (1) does not contain the solvent, whose impact on the environment is very small. (2) favors the polymers, weathering on a variety of options. (3), excellent inert pigment color stability. (4) strong and flexibility, resistance to various types of damage. (5) to represent film, has cured into excellent resistance to moisture and chemical. (6) simple layer coating, quality control is simple. (7) variants of the powder spray can be recycled and used again, good economic returns.

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