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Hard alloy large-diameter billet mould

Hard alloy large-diameter billet mould product name: Hard alloy large-diameter billet mould
Place of Origin: Peoples Republic of China
Post Date: March 8, 2018
Edit Date: March 8, 2018

Detailed Product Description:

  Hard alloy large-diameter billet mould

Hot top large-diameter hard alloy billet mould is our company’s most  popular products .  Through the research and anatomy of Wagstaff, Novelis, Almax and Roma advanced billet mould Technology and conncet with Chinese traditional casting style , we make out meet the world requirement , belongs to our own technology property rights of  aluminum and aluminum alloy ultra large-diameter hard alloy billet mould .

 DaAo  systems are simpler, cleaner, more flexible, and more cost-effective to own and operate than any other casting system in the world. We will partner with you to configure a billet system that will meet your exact specifications.


●designed special Crystal Arc curve

●Unique cooling Water Way

● develop out lardge size Permeability Graphite Casting Rings

●develop out lardge size transfer ring and end-cap

●Automatic oiling lubrication

 Dedicated for Hard alloy billet






Typical case


We designed and developed 4 style of Lardge size Hard alloy billet mould for Light Alloy Research Institute of Central South University . They are Φ850mm /Φ1100mm/1200mm and Φ1360mm . While Φ1360mm  is  the  lardgest size of hard alloy billet mould in the world . Our lardgest  size of hard alloy billet mould can reach to Φ1380mm . It creates conditions for R & D of rocket forging ring materials of more than Φ10m