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Aluminium Filteration Bag For Ybak

Aluminium Filteration Bag For  Ybak product name: Aluminium Filteration Bag For Ybak
Place of Origin: Peoples Republic of China
Post Date: March 7, 2018
Edit Date: March 8, 2018

Detailed Product Description:

Product details of Aluminium Filter Fabric / Cloth

This product is woven with specific custom made yarn and then treated. The heat-resistance temperature of this product can be up to 700째0 and even above 800째C with special treatment. It is an ideal material to filter aluminum in melting and casting process. Series nettings can be provided, having advanced technology and stable quality. They are widely used for filtration of molten aluminium in foundry for manufacture of various aluminium alloy parts.

Product Description

· Fiberglass Mesh for Aluminium Filtration (available in roll, sheet, various sizes)

· The nitrations are the ideal solution for improved quality of aluminium castings and scrap reduction that are extremely cost effective and of high integrity.

· Widely used for Filtration of molten Aluminium in foundry products and alloy parts.

· Suitable for casting up to 800°C.

· Removes inclusions to improve mechanical properties and surface finish.

· Customized Mesh specification can be manufactured and supplied in request.

Various Types of Industries Application

· Aluminium Extrusion

· Aluminium Ingots

· Aluminium conductors & cables

· Automobiles

· Foundry Products

Technical Specification


--Ease of installation 
--Reduces turbulence 
--Improves metal distribution 
--Reduces scrap 
--Removes oxides 
--Eliminates spike racks 
--Produces minimal odor and smoke upon contact with molten aluminium